Environmental Policy


Imperio Group is committed to the protection and enhancement of the environment. We believe we have a responsibility to care for and protect the environment in which we operate and are dedicated to manage and improve environmental performance across all our business activities. Our goal is to reduce the negative impacts of our operations and maximise the quality of the built environment for future generations.

Imperio Group has identified our key impacts on the environment to be in the areas of:

• Energy use
• Materials use
• Waste generation
• Emissions to air/water
• Water use and waste water
• Biodiversity



In order to manage and improve our performance, we will strive to:

• Adopt the highest environmental standards in all areas of operation, by meeting and, where possible, exceeding relevant legislative requirements.
• Periodically review our organisational activities and identify areas where we can minimise our impacts.
• Minimise waste through careful and efficient use of all materials and energy and the responsible disposal of waste materials and water.
• Purchase sustainable products wherever feasible [e.g. recycled, re-usable low environmental impact products].
• Publicise our environmental position to our employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.
• Enhancing employee understanding of environmental sustainability, through stimulating cultural change and providing clear direction
• Proactively protecting, preserving and enhancing wildlife/flora and their natural habitats
• Aim to include environmental and ethical considerations in investment decisions where appropriate.
• Assist in developing solutions to environmental problems in our own business and in our sector.
• Continually evaluate the environmental impact of all our operations and set meaningful and realistic targets to improve our performance.
• Reduce the consumption of energy by implementing energy saving systems in our offices
• Encourage customers, where possible, to adopt the principles of sustainability in their design process

In order to achieve this, it is the policy of Imperio Properties to operate an effective management system demonstrating awareness and compliance with the issues that are listed above.