When we give cheerfully

and accept gratefully,

everyone is blessed

Maya Angelou

The Butterfly Foundation is a charitable foundation established by Imperio in 2015. Acknowledging the needs of today’s society and as part of its corporate social responsibility, Imperio has set up the charity wanting to contribute back to the society. Each year the Butterfly Foundation will dedicate its contribution to one cause ranging from education, health, nature, and wildlife.

Although the Butterfly Foundation was established by Imperio Group in early 2015, Imperio’s charitable action was long and widely recognised. The following charities and organizations have been supported by Imperio’s charitable actions to date: Europa Donna, Alexandra Louca’s Fund, Limassol’s Holy Metropolis and Centre of Preventive Paediatrics.


For 2019, the Butterfly Foundation devotes its action to support the Panos Evripidou Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the improvement of the lives of premature children facing life-long challenges caused by prematurity after leaving the N.I.C.U.


The Butterfly Foundation supports the Anemone Daycare Centre for children with cerebral palsy with the intension to keep the rehabilitation centre alive as it is in great need of therapist experts. Anemone falls under the Cyprus Society for the Protection of Spastic and Handicapped Children.


The Butterfly Foundation acts in support of the Sirius Dog Sanctuary and the Friends of the Earth Cyprus contributing to the welfare of stray dogs and protect the nature of Cyprus.


The Butterfly Foundation contributes and supports the Cyprus Paraplegics Organisation (ΟΠΑΚ) with the intention to make Limassol accessible for all citizens.


The Butterfly Foundation has dedicated its contribution to the Cyprus University of Technology (TEPAK) providing in the educational and research program while offering opportunities to 10 young students.

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